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This is a topic I don't normally talk about at length, especially when it concerns me. But I wanted to get this out on someplace that I feel confident that I won't have particular people giving me shit about it, mainly my parents. So let's begin, shall we?

First we'll start off with my sexual orientation. Most people are convinced they're straight when they're children and it continues like that for a time until it comes to your mind that maybe you aren't. Usually when someone discovers what their orientation is, or something close to it, they're usually in middle or high school, maybe college. I, on the other hand, was in 4th grade. Pretty much by then, I was getting into things that at the age I was then, I should not have been into. I was a curious little shit. That notwithstanding, up until that point, I was pretty sure I was attracted to boys only. This was when I found a budding attraction to girls that led me to believe that I was possibly bisexual, though it was more bicuriosity than anything else at the time. That continued for a while until high school when it occurred to me that when it came to attraction, it really didn't matter what gender the person was, the attraction I can potentially feel for any given person knows no boundaries, sexually and romantically. This was how I discovered that I am pansexual and panromantic as well

Now we come to the subject of my gender. Gender is usually a bit more tricky to discuss than orientation because it deals with the individual's own body and identity. It goes without saying that gender does not equal sex. Sex is just what you're physically born as. For example, I was born physically female. Gender, on the other hand, is what you identify as in your mind. Sometimes the two don't match up. If they do, the person is cisgender because their gender is the same as their sex. Now, I said sometimes they don't match up, which would mean the person either identifies as the opposite gender than what their sex is [transgender] or to something outside of the gender binary. Trust me, with the type of household I grew up in, I didn't believe that other genders existed besides the binary until again 4th grade when I found out that being transgender was a thing. But either way, I had always believed that I was 100% female, and that was partially because I didn't know any better until high school when I began learning of other genders. Around senior year, I had been wondering if I wasn't female, but possibly something else. I felt comfortable identifying as a girl pretty much my entire life. But each time I thought about it in the slightest, it was quickly waved off with 'yeah no I'm definitely a girl'

That is until very recently. As in a couple of months ago. With the arrival of the Pride Event on Aywas [virtual pet site], I was being introduced to even more genders and orientations. One particular gender identity that caught my attention was demigender, split as demiboy and demigirl. This was the first time I had seriously called my gender into question and wondered if I was possibly demigender. Eventually, the long pause for thought ended as 'I am definitely 100% female'. My mind still touched on it every now and then, but again the outcome was the same, though I was beginning to feel something was a bit off. Then a couple of days ago, I was in a Skype call with Kaliedo-Star and WlLDFlRE and I don't remember how, but we got on the subject of gender. Apparently I was not the only one who has been questioning their current gender. Kaliedo was questioning their gender for quite a while and eventually figured out they are genderfluid [you can read their journal about it on their page]. This brought me to once again seriously question my gender identity and it clicked. I am not fully female as I originally believed I was. I'm fine with the pronouns and I feel for the most part female, but there's a small part of me that doesn't and feels more agender than anything else. Demigender, specifically demigirl, fit me the best because I feel only partially female, with the leftover non-female part being agender. I can't even begin to describe the amount of pride and joy I felt officially stating that I am a gender that matches how I feel to a tee. It's a feeling that will never go away

So here we are, my full length coming out story of how I learned that I am pansexual/panrom and a demigirl

As it turns out, the female part of me is smaller than I originally thought. I'm exactly half-female half-agender. The demigirl identity still fits for me

 - Cherrylea P. Foxtrot
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